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We serve all of Massachusetts and on general legal matters but we specialize in matters of Federal income and estate tax.  Our clients are located throughout the United States.

With over 30 years of focused experience clients can expect a quick explanation of how to approach nearly any state or federal tax issue and expect an efficient resolution of that issue. Bottom line, we deliver large firm representation at a greater value.

Our clients are typically lawyers or certified public accountants that have issues with the government to be pursued either administratively or in the courts. We also represent businesses and individuals in tax, estate and bankruptcy matters.

Easing the stress with solutions

There’s nothing worst than seeing a Certified letter from the IRS.   Fortunately, we know nearly all of the local IRS Collection Agents and Special Agents.  We interface with the government on behalf of our clients and then clearly explain the situation.

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Readers contemplating taking positions or conducting their business or tax affairs based on information in this blog or the comments do so at their own risk.  You should always seek individualized legal advice.   Note further, I am not your lawyer unless you have paid me money.